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What Hotel Amenities Are Most Important To Travelers?

According to a recent survey by well-known booking portal (and there have been many others) there are certain hotel amenities that directly influence whether or not a traveler will choose to stay at a particular establishment. However, it is interesting to note that what might be important to a business traveler might only be of secondary importance to the leisure traveler – and vice versa.

For business travelers hotel amenities the availability of fast, free, and reliable Internet access has become more and more important – as it has to those who are traveling for pleasure.

Hotel Amenities


Another sign of the changing times is that more and more guests want access to an app that would allow them to report any in-room issues- but that they still want to interact with a person when it comes to reports on the status of any action that has been taken to rectify the issue.

There was a commonality among both business and leisure travelers as far as another issue was concerned. The availability of easily accessible electrical outlets. In these days of multiple devices, it should come as no surprise that guests object strongly to having to move furniture around in order to charge their smartphones, laptops, and other devices.

For many guests, especially Millennials the ability to easily connect to the in-room TV is an issue. Studies have shown that many would far prefer to watch their own content as opposed to the usual channel offerings.

Perhaps surprisingly most guests demand in-room, complimentary water. It is viewed as a healthy choice for hydration – and is especially important in those countries where tap water might not be the healthiest of choices.

Demand for various hotel amenities is evolving rapidly. The importance of digital devices and a healthy lifestyle seem to be two of the main drivers behind this evolution. Savvy hotel operators will be tracking this evolution closely in order to ensure that their operations remain competitive.